Across the Golden Gate Bridge to the north of San Francisco you'll find beautiful and rugged nature in Marin County. In a whirlwind of a day, you'll visit Mt Tamalpais ("Mt Tam") with sweeping views of San Franscisco, the white sand at relaxed Stinson Beach, and the towering redwoods at Muir Woods.  


  • Enjoy the best views of San Francisco and the Bay from Mt Tam
  • Hang out on Stinson Beach's white sand while enjoying a delicious taco
  • Indulge in a forest bath in Muir Woods

Start the day by making your way towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Let city life fade behind you as you drive over this 80+ year old engineering marvel. Stop in Sausalito at Bayside Cafe for your morning coffee. Enjoy the unique vibe of Sausalito, a small town with breathtaking views of the big city across the water, and stroll around the harbor before continuing toward Mt Tam

The road to Mt Tam is scenic with ocean and bay views coming and going. Enjoy the twists and turns until you reach the Mountain Home Inn, located on a ridge line and with amazing views from the patio. Then continue to the East Summit of Mt Tam (35 minutes from Sausalito, about 20 minutes from the Mountain Home Inn). Park your car, hike around the peak, then climb towards the actual peak for breathtaking views. 

Your next stop is Stinson Beach, which you'll reach in under 30 minutes from Mt Tam. Grab lunch beach side at the Siren Canteen. Enjoy as much time on the beach as you like, and then jump in your car for another scenic climb towards Muir Woods

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Stinson Beach
Stinson Beach

Muir Woods can be crowded, but even then it's worth a visit as the crowds thin out when you hike deeper into the woods. After you had your fill of forest bathing, head back towards the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. 

Muir Woods
Muir Woods

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