Summer has officially arrived in Portugal, with lots of beautiful sunshine up and down the country and a roster of happening festivals. June is a great month to visit, as the the throngs that descend on beaches and cities in July and August are still a way off, temperatures haven’t yet reached scorching point and there are still some good deals to be had.


Temperatures are rising, days longer and drier, and the sun shines more often than not in Portugal in June. In the north of the country in Porto, the mercury is hitting up to 73°F (23°C). Things get warmer still as you move on south to the capital Lisbon, with highs reaching up to 77°F (25°C) and just two days of rain in the month.

This is a fantastic time to head for the beach before the summer crowds rock up. And the weather is just right: in the Algarve in Portugal’s south, temperatures are now hovering around the 78°F (26°C) mark.

Crowds & Costs

As the weather warms, the pace is picking up in cities and coastal resorts, but things are still far from crowded. June gives you the best of both worlds in many senses – the weather is fine but not overly hot, so perfect for exploring, outdoor activities and lazy beach days – and rates still haven’t skyrocketed. In fact, if you do your research, you’ll find some excellent deals and availability when it comes to accommodation. And a quick browse online will throw up some affordable flights.

Though peaceful in this sense, June is a lively, action-packed month when it comes to events. The Portuguese thoroughly celebrate the first proper glimmer of summer with a full-on program of street parties devoted to the popular saints (Anthony, John and Peter), world-class music festivals, parades, and country fairs. Tie in your trip with one of these and you’ll have a blast.

Where to Go

Portugal really is your oyster in June as wherever you go the weather is likely to be in your favor.

Cities like Lisbon and Porto are getting their summer groove on, with a festival, party or outdoor event of some sort almost weekly (see our top suggestions below). This is a great month to visit for sights and attractions that take you outdoors, from parks and plazas to miradouros (viewpoints) and historic center rambles. It can be a pleasure just to kick back on a sidewalk terrace in the sun and watch the world drift on by. And after-dark, bars spill out onto lantern-lit pavements, embracing the summer buzz.

Otherwise, turn your gaze to rural backcountry: the Alentejo, say, and the mountains of Serra da Estrela. Or hit the beautiful cliff-backed beaches of the Algarve down south.

What to Do

The Atlantic west (resorts like Nazaré, Peniche, and Ericeira) and south of the country (Algarve) really come into their own in June, with ocean-facing hotels and seafood restaurants flinging open their doors for business, as well as a raft of activities, from surfing to dolphin-watching boat excursions. Though the ocean hasn’t had a chance to warm up properly just yet, it’s still possible to take a dip.

In the mountains, mild temperatures are perfect for hiking. You could try Peneda-Gerês National Park up north, with its granite boulder-dotted mountains and quiet pine forests, or Serra da Estrela, crested by Portugal's highest peaks. Go now—by the time July arrives, you'll want to be closer to the coast.

June Events

Festa de Santo António One of Lisbon’s biggest saintly shindigs, the Festival of Saint Anthony reaches its peak on 12th June in Lisbon’s historic center. Streets are strung with garlands and lanterns, sardines are grilled and the feasting, drinking, dancing, music-making and partying begins. A procession devoted to the saint weaves around Sé cathedral on the following day.

Festa de São João Porto pulls out all the stops for St John at this mammoth street party on June 23 (celebrated with particular vigor in the riverside Ribeira neighborhood). The midsummer madness involves drinking, feasting, dancing, fireworks and, most bizarrely, whacking the object of your affection over the head with a plastic hammer. They say love hurts…

Rock in Rio Inspired by Brazil, this is of the world’s hottest music festivals, with big-name acts headlining. If you want to snag tickets (dates are June 20-21 and 27-28 in 2020), you should book well ahead.

Nos Primavera Sound Porto throws its own massive music festival in mid-June, with rock, pop, indie gigs and more, all held in the city’s huge Parque da Cidade.

Feira Nacional de Agricultura For a week in early June, Santarém hosts this massive agricultural fair, celebrating rural life with parades, bullfights, horse racing, food and folk music.  

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