A vibrant and modern port city, Valencia is Spain's third-largest metropolis. Valencia's most famous attraction is its City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic building complex hosting a planetarium, oceanarium, interactive museum, and more. In addition, you'll find an idyllic Old Town, Albufera (a beloved wetlands reserve and park), and gorgeous stretches of sandy beaches. Plus, Valencia is home to one of Spain's most famous dishes: paella.

Getting Oriented

Valencia's colorful walkway.

Although it's Spain's third-largest city, Valencia is often overlooked. This coastal port metropolis is modern and vibrant, yet features a historical Old Town and beautiful sandy beaches. A family-friendly destination, Valencia hosts the famed City of Arts and Sciences, an impressive complex with a planetarium, oceanarium, and interactive museum, all set within a futuristic building with curious architecture. In addition, Valencia is one of Spain's main ferry ports, which connects to the Balearic Islands.

Just south of Valencia is Parc Natural de l'Albufera, a large wetlands reserve featuring walking trails, boat rides, and some of the country's beloved flamingos. When finished exploring the city and its natural surroundings, you can relax with local wine and the cherished cuisine that Valencia is known for, delicious paella.

Explore the City

Get started by roaming the city of Valencia, stopping to expand your mind at the City of Arts and Sciences complex, or enjoying the history of the Old Town.

City of Arts & Sciences and Rooftop Dining Experience

Dine atop the City of Arts and Sciences.

Combine Valencia's top attraction with a unique dining experience. You'll start with a tour of the city's prized City of Arts and Sciences, a massive complex featuring multiple attractions and unique architectural designs. Favorites include the interactive science museum, an open-air oceanographic park, and the outdoor gallery highlighting indigenous plant species. After the tour, head up to the complex's rooftop for a 10-course tasting menu paired with award-winning regional wines. Read More

Historic Walking Tour of Valencia

Beautiful architecture in Valencia.

Let a local lead you on a walking tour of Valencia, where you can explore both a charming historic center and the city's dynamic modern buildings. Some highlights include Valencia's Baroque City Hall, the Mercado Central (one of Europe's oldest municipal markets), the 15th-century Valencian-gothic fortress Llotja de la Seda, and the 13th-century Valencia Cathedral. Along the way, learn all about the city's heritage and regional history, including when Valencia dominated the silk trade. Read More

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Active Excursions

Get active in Valencia by touring the city on two wheels or trying your luck in the surf. If you've ever wanted to learn how to surf or SUP, Valencia is an excellent place to do so!

Surf or SUP Lesson in Valencia

Learn how to surf in Valencia.

Valencia features a stunning beach right in the city (plus many others nearby), perfect for a surfing or standup paddleboard (SUP) lesson. With a professional instructor catering the lesson to your individual skills and experience level, you'll enjoy a safe and thorough excursion learning how to surf or SUP (or brushing up on your skills). Even when the water is a bit too cold for a swim, you can easily surf with the help of a wetsuit! Read More

Bike Tour in Valencia

See more of Valencia by exploring the city by bike.

Enjoy a bike tour of Valencia, a unique way to see more of the city and view picturesque gardens and bike paths. Your guide will take you through sites like the city's historic old quarter, the beautiful Turia Gardens, and the modern La Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences). You'll also ride down designated bike paths and into calm pedestrian areas. Read More

Cultural & Natural Experiences

Dive a bit deeper into the Valencian culture by cooking the city's culinary claim-to-fame: paella. Get your ingredients at the local market for the best experience! Or, head out into the city's cherished park, Albufera

Market Visits & Paella Cooking Class

Learn how to make Valencia's signature dish, Paella.

There's no better place than Valencia for a paella cooking class, as the city is the home of this iconic Spanish dish. Before diving into the lesson, you'll explore a couple of the city's markets to learn more about the agricultural and culinary heritage of the region, plus the history of paella itself. Believe it or not, there are several types of this beloved dish, and the most traditional one might surprise you! After collecting your ingredients at the market, enjoy learning how to cook delicious paella and, of course, tasting your creation. Read More 

Excursion to Albufera

Visit Albufera Natural Park's wetlands, rice fields, and bird habitat.

When in Valencia, consider a day trip to Albufera Natural Park, a scenic assortment of wetlands, rice fields, and migratory bird habitat just south of the city. You'll start with a scenic drive through the marshlands and some of Spain's largest rice paddies to the lake, La Albufera. You'll also enjoy the picturesque woodlands of La Dehesa. Then, from the village of El Palmar, enjoy a boat cruise around the lake, stopping to visit traditional dwellings of farmers and fishers. Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Valencia Itinerary

Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences building.

Valencia fits into any Spanish itinerary, as it's well-connected to other major hotspots by an extensive highway system, high-speed rail, regional airports, and ferries. Because of these connections, many travelers like to visit Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona in one trip. However, the city also pairs well with the Balearic Islands and the country's beloved Andalucía region. 

How many days to spend in Spain depends on how much you plan to see and do. Give yourself one week to combine the country's three biggest cities (Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia), or opt for closer to two weeks in Spain if you'd like to add islands like Mallorca and Menorca or cities in Southern Spain, such as Granada and Seville

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