Known as the "jewel of the Mediterranean," Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and offers a tropical-like coastline, chiseled mountain peaks, and a vibrant culture. Travelers flock to the island to combine relaxation with adventure. For example, enjoy a catamaran cruise while snorkeling in the Mediterranean, visit idyllic villages while hiking in the mountains, or explore caves while wine tasting. And when you need a break, dive into the island's unique and flavorful culinary scene or walk the streets of buzzy Palma.

Getting Oriented

Mallorca has a little bit of everything.

Spain's Balearic Islands (Illes Balears in Catalan or Islas Baleares in Spanish) is a small archipelago consisting of four main islands, with Mallorca as the largest. The island's main city, Palma, is the archipelago's (an autonomous region of Spain) capital. Mallorca is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture and gastronomy, and myriad outdoor adventures. But you can go beyond the typical island life and enjoy ancient Roman ruins, medieval monuments, and underwater lakes on Mallorca, too. 

The island attracts travelers for its unique combination of relaxation and luxury with outdoor excursions. Some interesting experiences include relaxing on a catamaran while snorkeling, exploring caves while discovering vineyards, and enjoying historic towns via cooking workshops.

Outdoor Adventures

As an island, one of Mallorca's biggest appeals is its abundance of outdoor recreation. Enjoy snorkeling in the pristine Mediterranean, hiking in the Tramuntana Mountains, or discovering underwater lakes in deep caves.

Catamaran Cruise & Water Sports

Snorkel in clear waters of Mallorca.

Combine the best of both worlds with a relaxing catamaran tour and adventurous watersports. You'll sail from the Port of Palma and make your way to a peaceful cove to drop anchor. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or paddleboarding, and nibble on Iberian cold cuts and local drinks. Then head to an idyllic beach for more water sports and a delicious barbeque onboard your boat. Read More

Hiking the Tramuntana Mountains & Village Tour

Enjoy a hike in the stunning Tramuntana Mountains.

Head inland for incredible views, scenic hikes, and quaint villages. Enjoy a walk in the Tramuntana Mountains, a range filled with limestone cliffs and steep bluffs that offer seaside views. Then, visit a couple of the island's quaint villages, such as Valldemossa, Deià, or Sóller. These picturesque towns have been home to many famous artists, musicians, and writers, including Frédéric Chopin and George Sand. Read More

Explore the Caves & Wine Region of Mallorca

The caves in Mallorca.

Explore Mallorca's caves and wine region on a scenic day trip. You'll start with a drive through Paseo Maritimo to Porto Cristo, a quaint fishing harbor. Here is where you'll find the famous Drach Caves. Enjoy walking through this impressive cave network, making your way to an underground lake—the largest in Europe. Then, enjoy a small concert, where musicians in boats perform the illumination show, The Sun Rising. End the excursion in Mallorca's wine region to learn about the island's history of winemaking and taste a few varietals. Read More

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Cultural Explorations

You can also combine cultural excursions with unique experiences in Mallorca. For example, explore the island's agricultural core with a cooking class or discover quaint villages that stretch from mountain to seaside. 

Palma de Mallorca Tour

A view of the city of Palma from the sea.

Learn a bit more about the history of Mallorca with a tour of its capital city, Palma de Mallorca. Some highlights of the Old Town include the 14th-century Castell de Bellver (the only round castle in Spain), the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, and the Gothic Cathedral de Mallorca (featuring a wrought-iron canopy designed by Gaudí). You can also enjoy the buzzy Mercat de l'Olivar and peruse the shops at Plaça Major, plus much more. Read More

Cooking Workshop in the Pla de Mallorca Region

Views of a village in the Pla de Mallorca region.

Take a cooking class in the Pla region of Mallorca, an area that earned its nickname as "the pantry" thanks to an abundance of high-quality produce. You'll join your host in her home to learn how to prepare a 3-course meal based on traditional recipes passed down from her grandmother. After completing your course, sit down with your host to enjoy your meal along with a glass of wine and stories from the area's humble villages. Read More

Northwest Mallorca Excursion

Sóller's port and coastal scenery.

Mallorca's northwest region features several idyllic villages, historical sites, and viewpoints. Start with the town of Valldemossa and stop at the ancient monastery, Royal Cartuja. Then enjoy the views at Na Foradada before making your way to Deiá. The last village is coastal Sóller, with its famous valley filled with olive, lemon, and orange groves. End the excursion with a gourmet lunch featuring local wines. Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Mallorca Itinerary

The beautiful mountain and coastal scenery of Mallorca.

Getting to Mallorca is not as complex as it may seem. Spain is a leader in seamless domestic travel, as it hosts numerous regional airports. You can easily hop on a nonstop flight to Mallorca from hubs like Madrid, Barcelona, or Seville. If you'd like to take to the seas, grab a ferry from Barcelona, Valencia, or other spots on Spain's mainland. 

How many days you spend in Spain depends on your itinerary. If you'd like to simply enjoy the Balearic Islands or stick to just Mallorca, plan for at least five days or so. If you'd like to combine the mainland with the islands, such as Barcelona, Madrid, or Andalucía, give yourself at least one week, though two weeks in Spain is ideal. 

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