April is peak season for travel to the Netherlands, with mild spring weather, some high-profile festivals, and millions of colorful flowers in bloom—but don't expect to have the place all to yourself. Read on to learn more about traveling to the Netherlands in April.


As a low-lying coastal country in Northern Europe, the Netherlands generally experiences mild, damp, and changeable weather year-round. There's not much geographical variation around the small country, but the inland south tends to be a bit colder and the coast windier than elsewhere.

April is spring and temperatures are cool but on the rise after winter: expect average daytime temperatures of around 48° F (9° C). Snow is not unheard of though, especially earlier in the month.

Crowds & Costs

April is a peak month for tourism in the Netherlands thanks to a very famous little flower: the tulip. These bloom in April (and can start in late March if conditions are right) and locals and tourists flock to parks and gardens around the country. That means you should book flights and accommodation as far in advance as possible, especially in the most popular places, like Amsterdam. You will also experience heavy crowds at the most popular flower-viewing spots, such as the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse. The crowds can be overwhelming for some people but the sight of seven million flowers in bloom might just be worth it.

Where to Go

If flower-peeping is a priority, you won't be short of options in the Netherlands in April. The abovementioned Keukenhof Gardens are among the largest gardens in the world and definitely worth a visit, but there are other places to add to the itinerary elsewhere: Amsterdam, Noordoostpolder, and Noordwijkerhout are also must-visit places for flower lovers.

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What to Do

As well as flower viewing, there's another drawcard in April: Dutch King's Day on April 27th. If you're from the UK, Australia, or New Zealand then put all thoughts of the uneventful Queen's Birthday out of your mind, because the Dutch celebrate their King's Day in a very different style! Expect live music, entertainment, street parties, and plenty of drinking. Whether or not you're a monarchist you might enjoy joining one of Europe's largest street parties, in Amsterdam. 

Events in April

King's Day. This national holiday on April 27th (observed on the 26th if the 27th is a Sunday) celebrates the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. In true Dutch fashion, expect big public parties with lots of music and drinking.

World Press Photo Exhibition. This annual press photography contest begins in April and runs until June, and is held in Amsterdam. Admire some of the best press photos from around the world. 

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