March is the end of winter and beginning of spring in the Netherlands, and still the tourism low season. With warming temperatures and the possibility of tulips blooming later in the month, March can be an attractive month to visit the country for some travelers. Read on to learn more about visiting the Netherlands in March.


Winter in the Netherlands can be a bit gloomy, with short days and cold temperatures. However, March is a relatively dry month, the days are getting longer, and if you're traveling from northern North America the cooler temperatures are unlikely to be too uncomfortable for you. Being a low-lying coastal country, the weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable in every month and there isn't much regional variation (although the south tends to be a bit colder and the coast windier). In March, expect average daytime temperatures of around 42° F (6° C).

Crowds & Costs

March is the low season for travel to the Netherlands, so you can generally expect light crowds at tourist attractions and the possibility of deals on accommodation and flights. Some attractions outside the main cities will be closed for the winter, so it's better to stay on the beaten path when traveling to the Netherlands in March.

However, the period around Carnival sees an influx of domestic and foreign travelers. Carnival usually falls in late February but is sometimes in early March. It's the time of celebration before Lent, leading up to Easter, and a time of street parties, dancing, music, fabulous costumes, and drinking. Carnival is a particularly big deal in the southern, more Catholic parts of the Netherlands, such as Maastricht.

The Netherlands' famous tulips can also begin blooming in late March (depending on the weather). The main flower-viewing activities take place in April, but if you'd love to see the tulips and can only travel in March, this could be a good time to see them without the crowds April typically brings. 

Where to Go

For the Carnival fun (if the festival falls in March in the year you're traveling), head to Maastricht. This southern town is in a predominantly Catholic part of the country and has a large student population, so always puts on a good party.

To see beautiful tulips in bloom later in March but without the crowds of popular April, head to the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, one of the largest flower gardens in the world.

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What to Do

Because March weather in the Netherlands can be cold, it's best to add plenty of indoor activities to your itinerary. Luckily, there are many art galleries and museums that stay open year-round, and that can be considered some of the best in the world. In Amsterdam check out the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rembrandt House Museum, and the Anne Frank House. Elsewhere, visit the Groninger Museum in Groningen, Escher in The Palace in The Hague, the Mondrian House in Amsterfoort, or Rotterdam's Maritime Museum

Most cities in the Netherlands have interesting old and new architecture, so when the weather's fine, strolling around the city center, through parks, and along canals is always worthwhile. If you get cold or wet, head inside to a cafe.

Events in March

Carnival. This nominally religious festival occurs before Lent in the lead up to Easter, and falls in late February or early March (depending on the date of Easter). It's a time of celebration, street music and festivals, colorful costumes and dancing, and drinking.

TEFAF: European Fine Art Foundation Show. This art show, which is Europe's largest, runs for ten days in the first half of March in Maastricht. 

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