July is midsummer in the Netherlands, which means it's peak season. With pleasant weather, lots of festivals, and everything open, there's lots to see and do in the Netherlands during this month. Read on to learn more about traveling to the Netherlands in July.


July is one of the warmest months in the Netherlands (along with August), but being a low-lying coastal country in Northern Europe, temperatures rarely rise very high. In midsummer, expect average daytime high temperatures of around 68° F (20° C). There's not much regional variation in temperature, although coastal areas may be windier. The weather in the Netherlands is changeable and unpredictable, so you may experience temperatures well into the 70s or cooler days with rain, but in general, July is a warm and comfortable time to visit.

Crowds & Costs

July is peak tourism season in the Netherlands, partly because North Americans and other Europeans tend to take their summer vacation in this month. Prices are at their highest, accommodation and flights book out well in advance, and you should expect crowds at the most popular museums, art galleries, and other attractions, especially in Amsterdam. Because the weather is generally good and everything is open, though, you might feel that it's worth braving the crowds to visit the Netherlands in July. 

Where to Go

One great thing about traveling to the Netherlands in July is that everything will be open, from the major museums in the cities to the little cafes and boutique accommodations in small towns. If you want to check out the country's amazing art history, architecture, and outdoor cafe scene but don't fancy the inevitable crowds of Amsterdam in July, consider spending time in other cities instead, like Haarlem, Groningen, Maastricht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht.

The coastal parts of the Netherlands are also appealing in the summer. Several cities are very near the coast (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Groningen, to name a few) but if you travel a bit further, to the province of Zeeland in the southwest, Texel island north of Amsterdam, or the West Frisian Islands north of Texel, you can enjoy a more relaxed pace. Cycle paths, beaches, nature reserves, and North Sea views draw visitors to these places in the summer.

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What to Do

Cycling is a quintessentially Dutch mode of transport and pastime, thanks to the flat terrain and abundance of well-maintained bike paths. There's no better time to take a cycle tour of the Netherlands—or part of it—than July. Cycle through farmland to windmills (the 18th-century, UNESCO-listed Werelderfgoed Kinderdijk is a highlight) and fields of flowers (although peak tulip season is in the spring) or along coastal pathways to enjoy the views and get some exercise.

Events in July

Rotterdam Summer Carnival. Not to be confused by the (nominally) religious spring Carnival before Lent, Rotterdam's Summer Carnival puts on music, entertainment, and flamboyant costumes. It celebrates the cultures of the Dutch Caribbean, in particular.

North Sea Jazz Festival. Enjoy live music at this three-day festival in Rotterdam.

Pride Amsterdam. While this annual festival usually falls in August, sometimes it starts in late July. The flamboyant Pride Amsterdam festival runs for about a week and celebrates LGBTQ communities in the Netherlands.

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