A Free Evening in Naxos

The main town of Naxos (Chora) and the Venetian Castle (Kastro)
Discover the dusky beauty of Naxos' main town (Chora). Start by exploring the narrow streets with their distinctive white and blue accents, admiring the Cycladic architecture. The unique positioning of the buildings protects from the heat and wind, and historically from external threats.

You'll find hidden alleyways and courtyards, all exposing the daily routines of the locals. Overlooking the town of Naxos and atop a small hill is the Venetian Castle, the Kastro as the locals call it. All the narrow, twisting streets seem to slowly pass through time, helping you travel back to the Venetian era as you ascend the castle.

Then, make your way down to the seafront promenade for a totally different look and feel. The waterfront is far more lively and cosmopolitan than Chora's winding streets, connecting the island to the rest of the Cyclades. Feel free to stop for snacks or drinks while you wander, as Naxos is well-known for its top-quality products. Don't miss the famous local cheeses — the island is one of the few places in Greece that produces cheese using cow milk. You can also sip on the locals' favorite liqueur, kitron.

As the sun starts to set, walk across a short causeway to the Portara, the Temple of Apollo's entryway. This is one of the best places to watch the horizon change colors and relax as dusk turns to night. The Portara is the only part of the temple that still stands today, proudly enduring on the islet of Palatia.

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