Chania Food & Wine Tasting Tour

The vines of wine country
Discover Crete's long history of winemaking and cheesemaking in the foothills of the White Mountains. The island's rugged terrain grows unique, high-quality grape variations that produce internationally popular wines. You'll explore several varieties and tour a family-owned cheese factory.

Your first destination is a local family vineyard set in the scenic foothills of the White Mountains. A wine specialist will introduce the local grape varieties and teach you about the island's wine history. You'll also taste other Greek wines and discover some of the country's heritage and indigenous grapes.

The next stop is a traditional Cretan mountain village to explore a family-operated cheese factory. After a tour of the facility and learning about the cheesemaking process, you'll enjoy a delicious tasting. Try some of the island's most popular cheeses, including Graviera, Anthotiros, and Mizithra. Along with your cheese, enjoy bread and the local spirit, raki–tsikoudia.

After your tasting, you'll head to another local winery to try the award-winning Romeiko variety. You can also taste other popular and unique grapes, including Vidiano, Vilana, Malvazia, and Kotsifali. This winery offers a magnificent view of the White Mountains, an underground cave cellar, and an impressive art gallery. View an ancient 500-year-old treadle and other traditional Cretan exhibits.

Before heading back to Chania, you'll return to the humble Cretan village for a lunch of traditional rural cuisine. Taste some more wine or simply relax in the town's peaceful ambiance.

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