Ruins of the Palaces in Heraklion

Palace of Knossos & Archaeological Museum in Heraklion


Discover the Palace of Knossos, known to be Europe's oldest "city." Crete was home to the ancient Minoan civilization, and the palace was the center of it all during the Bronze Age. You'll visit the ruins and walk through the Heraklion Archaeological Museum to admire preserved murals and artifacts. 

Upon arrival at Knossos, you'll enjoy a tour of the 3,500-year-old Minoan palace. As you navigate the maze of royal chambers, grand staircases, storerooms, workshops, and the first European theater, your guide will explain the site's history and mythology. A favorite story amongst visitors is that of the labyrinth, the mythical Minotaur, and Theseus, who killed the beast with Ariadne's help. You'll also hear about the mythical King Minos and the monster Minotaur.

After touring the grounds, head to Heraklion's Archaeological Museum, one of the world's greatest museums. It hosts unique Minoan art and a complete collection of Minoan artifacts. If time allows, explore Heraklion, Crete's largest city with many historical buildings, monuments, and churches that bear witness to its centuries-old history. Consider visiting the Morozini Fountain, the Venetian Loggia, and St. Titus Church.

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Lori H.
Miami, FL | Reviewed on Sep 26, 2022

Guide, her name may be Lena and Sofia, the driver, were super nice. We enjoyed this experience very much. Quite interesting! read more

Guide, her name may be Lena and Sofia, the driver, were super nice. We enjoyed this experience very much. Quite interesting!

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