Explore the Villages of Apokoronas

Stone arches at a former olive oil press in Apokoronas
On the northeastern coast of the island of Crete, at the foothills of the White Mountains, you'll find the region of Apokoronas. It's an area rich with fascinating history, which is revealed on a full-day guided tour of the region's villages. The tour passes through seven towns in the region, stopping at a number of historic sites including an Ottoman fort, ancient churches, and a folklore museum. There's also time to chat with local residents during these stops.

There are also other highlights of this tour. They include visiting the hillside ruins at ancient Aptera, one of the largest city-states in Crete until it was destroyed by an earthquake in the seventh century. Then there's the village of Stilos, home to churches dating from the 13th and 15th centuries. Also here is a limestone fossil that was once believed to be the remains of a mythical sea siren. There's much more, including a visit to an artisan glassblowing factory and a stroll on the old town square at Gavalochori Village, which is home to an all-woman co-op that produces hand-knit lace using techniques passed down from the Byzantine era.

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