The Mythical Cave of Zeus Tour from Heraklion

Discover Crete's mythological side, explore its natural beauty and visit the place where Zeus grew up. To reach the mythological cave of Zeus, you'll head out into the island's mountains. The mysterious cave is where Rhea, Zeus' mother, hid the king of gods and raised him with the help of Amaltheia, the family's goat.

As you enjoy a scenic drive into the mountains and toward Mt. Spathi, your guide will share interesting mythological stories. According to the legend, the Kourites warriors protected Zeus by banging their spears on their shields to mask his cries and laughter. After growing up, Zeus confronted his father Cronus and took his place on the throne, freeing his brothers and sisters from his father's belly.

The Cave of Zeus is also called Dikteon Cave (or Dikteon Andron or Dictaean Cave). It's one of the most important of the 3,000 caves in Crete and the 8,500 in Greece. Following your guide, you'll explore the inside and learn about the secrets it holds. Admire its impressive stalagmites and stalactites, and browse the many offerings that indicate people worshiped Zeus in Dikteon Cave.

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