Olive Farm Visit & Tasting near Heraklion


Olive oil is a staple in every Cretan home and a significant part of the regional cuisine. Experience this liquid gold with a tour and tasting at an organic olive oil mill near Heraklion. Enjoy the views as you pass through the Cretan countryside. The tour starts outside in the groves, where you'll learn about harvesting the olives and the importance of timing in the process. Then, as you stroll through the fields, discover organic farming techniques and how the farmers cultivate the trees.

Next, you'll head inside into the mill's factory, where you'll learn how to extract the oil from the plant. There are two methods, a traditional technique of pressing the olives and a more modern procedure using cold extraction. Enjoy watching the process in action and see how extra virgin olive oil is made in the mill. 

Now it's time to taste! Your hosts will teach you about the acidity of olive oil as you taste the farm's two qualities. You can also taste some of the flavored varieties, enjoying them with fresh bread. After your tour and tasting, you'll have some free time to walk amongst the groves and ask the farmers questions.

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