Trek Samaria Gorge on Crete

You'll Cross Crystal Streams through Narrow Passages in Samaria Gorge
Experience an incredible hike through Europe's longest (and Crete's most popular) river gorge, Samaria Gorge. As one of the island's natural wonders, you'll enjoy incredible views of the rushing river, rocky mountain peaks, and Crete's scenic countryside. Along the way, your guide will share information about the gorge and its local significance.

You'll start in the town of Omalos, where you'll get to know your hiking guide and learn a bit more about this UNESCO site. Then, start your trek at the Omalos Plateau at over 4,000 feet (1,250 meters)! After following the river bed, you'll end at the village of Agia Roumeli. 

Because you start at a high elevation, you can relish the steep views of the surrounding mountains and hills in the distance. As you hike down the comfortable and well-maintained route, you'll enjoy various scenic vistas, landscapes, and environments. At the Iron Gates, you'll stand between the narrow 1,600-foot walls (500-m) at just 13 feet (4 m). Cross the river over bridges and follow along the bottom of the gorge on a boardwalk. 

Eventually, you'll reach the shores of the Libyan Sea at Agia Roumeli. Enjoy some free time to take a swim or have lunch. To return to Chania, you'll ride the ferry to Sougia or Sfakia, where your return transfer awaits.

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