Imbros Gorge Hike on Crete

Photo from Fabulous Crete
Discover the beauty of Imbros Gorge, the second-most popular gorge on Crete (after Samaria). First, you'll make your way through the Cretan countryside to the village of Imbros to enjoy a coffee or breakfast with your guide. Then, when ready, start your hike!

Your guide will lead you through the gorge, sharing stories about the island’s geological history, significance in WWII, and the local flora and fauna. The first portion of the hike follows a path down into the gorge. As you walk, it slowly becomes more narrow. The gorge's walls are less than 7 feet (2 meters) across at the thinnest and most imposing spot!

The Imbros Gorge was once a critical mule trail, as it was the only connection between Chania and Chora Sfakion. As you walk through the gorge, your guide will point out the remnants of this original trail. You'll also learn about the massive evacuation of thousands of British soldiers during WWII before escaping Egypt.

Eventually, Imbros Gorge opens the sea at the village of Komitades. Here, relax and enjoy a drink at a local seaside cafe or tavern. Then, you'll head to Chora Sfakion, the capital of Sfakia Province. After a long morning hiking, spend your free time enjoying a refreshing swim in the sea or savoring local delicacies at a traditional Cretan restaurant.

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