Climb the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. This intricately sculpted arc sits at the center of the Étoile (star) roundabout in unison with a magnificent view of the 12 Parisian avenues radiating out of the city's center. At 164 feet tall (50 m), the view is bound to give you quite the Parisian experience, but the arc is also an important historical relic. It's a public monument meant to invoke patriotism, designed after the Arch of Titus in Rome.

You'll find four main sculptural groups on each of the pillars, nodding to significant events in France's history. These include the first French republic, the Treaty of Schönbrunn, the French Resistance during the War of the Sixth Coalition, and the 1815 Treaty of Paris. In addition, the arc features six reliefs depicting different battles fought by the French. 

The Arc de Triomphe honors all who fought and died for France in several wars, including the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. You'll find many names inscribed on the arc, such as the French victories and their generals. In addition, the base of the Arc houses the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, one of the most revered monuments that honor the fallen soldiers of World War I.

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