Cooking Class & Lunch at an Olive Grove in Messenia

Photo from Agrikies Country Retreat
Learn how to prepare a typical Messenian meal amidst a charming olive grove, and discover regional culinary traditions from a local chef while enjoying delicious Greek wine. Throughout the day, you'll experience the peaceful nature of a beautiful coastal village and relax with a hearty meal. 

Marina, the estate owner, will welcome you with homemade koulourakia (traditional Greek cookies) and lemonade. Enjoy a walking tour of the estate’s olive groves as Marina shares stories about the property, the olive trees, and her retreat center concept. She'll also dive into the region's history and gastronomy and how she preserves local culinary traditions.

Next, you'll start your cooking lesson with Marina and a local chef, Christina. Learn about seasonal Messenian dishes and traditional delicacies, including the secrets that make the recipes so tasty! You'll make your own filo pastry, prepare seasonal salads, master regional appetizers, and cook a couple of main staples. After all your hard work, enjoy your feast with local drinks, wine, and a homemade dessert.

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