Cretan Villages Food and Culture Tour

Discover Crete's unique area of Apokoronas, the eastern province of the Chania region. This tour takes you through different rural villages, where you'll meet with locals, learn about the island's history and culture, and taste Cretan delicacies. You'll start in the village of Gavalochori and visit the Folklore Museum of Apokoronas. Your guide will help you learn about the region's traditions, crafts, and daily life.

Next, you'll make your way toward the village of Vrises and enjoy a tour of a traditional distillery. The local spirit tsikoudia (or raki) is a staple in every household. Learn the secrets behind its production, visiting both traditional and modern parts of the facility. To truly understand the drink, you need to taste it! Enjoy other local Cretan products as you sip the liquor.

The next stop is the village of Emprosneros with an ancient theater and the hidden church of St. Antony. You'll learn the history of the town before visiting its local cheese factory. Discover Crete's traditional cheesemaking process and taste several local varieties, including Graviera, Mizithra, and Anthotiros. Enjoy your tasting with olive oil, warm bread, and Cretan biscuits.

Then, enjoy lunch in a traditional kafeneio in the village of Fres. As you eat, you'll meet some of the town's locals and learn about their daily life in the Greek countryside. Savor the authentic experience and see a unique side of Crete.

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