Day Trip to Antiparos Island from Paros


Discover the charm and beauty of Paros' neighbor, the island of Antiparos. A short ferry ride takes you to this special Cycladic island, where you can walk almost everywhere in a matter of just minutes. Enjoy swimming, roaming, eating, and drinking away from the Paros crowds.

Start by strolling the streets of the main town, where you'll find typical Cycladic architecture. Outside of the busy summer months (July and August), you can get to know the locals as you peruse shops and eateries. They may even start calling you by your first name as you pass! Next, make your way to the Venetian Castle, set in the heart of the old town. This castle was originally built to protect the town from pirates in the 15th century.

After exploring the charming streets and alleyways, cool off with a swim in the sea and relax on the beach. There are many beaches near the main town, including one next to the local camping area. This option is great for those looking for a relaxed beach. Sifneiko is another great, especially for swimming in its crystal-clear shores.

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Itineraries with Day Trip to Antiparos Island from Paros

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