Dessert & Sightseeing Walking Tour in Rome

Explore Italy’s sweet side with a tour through its unique and delicious assortment of desserts. Learn about the history of Italian cake culture and taste various bites of beloved sweets and pastries, ranging from Ancient Rome until the present day. Today’s recipe is simple: eating, drinking, and sightseeing blended for a memorable experience!

Italians have always had a big sweet tooth. In Ancient Rome, bakers mostly used honey and cheese to prepare cakes, serving them with wine at the end of a banquet. Hence, desserts were known as Secundae Mensae (second board). It wasn’t until the Crusades, and really until the end of the Middle Ages, and after discovering the New World, that sugar became known and a staple in pastries.

Italians created new desserts that became world-renowned in more recent history, such as Tiramisù and Zuppa Inglese. The mix of mascarpone, coffee, liqueurs, and other local ingredients gave these cakes a special flavor.

Taste various Italian sweets and pastries as you stroll through the historic streets of Rome. Meet and chat with the professionals and learn more about the history of Italian confectionaries. Between tastings, your guide will lead you to some of Rome's most beautiful and interesting sites, blending art, history, and cuisine. 

Some of the famous sweets and desserts that you’ll taste include cannoli (fried puff pastry filled with cream), diplomatici (sponge cake with orange cream), babà (rum cake), cassate (sponge cake with ricotta cheese and liquor), brutti ma buoni (cookies with hazelnut or almond), zabaione (light, drinkable custard), sfogliatelle (shell-shaped filled pastries), and truly traditional gelato.

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