Discover Rome Highlights in a Day

The Trevi Fountain, one of Rome's most popular gathering spots
Follow a guide around Rome and explore all of the city's impressive highlights in one day. You’ll enjoy a visit to the Vatican, view the Sistine Chapel, admire the Colosseum, and discover the twisting streets in the heart of Rome. Get an early start and visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel before opening to the public. Not only is it a great way to start your day, but it's also a unique experience to view the masterpieces without the crowds!

The Vatican is rich in history and art, as it's home to some of the most important Renaissance masterpieces in the world. First, you'll visit the Pio Clementio Museum, plus the Gallery of the Candelabra, the Gallery of Tapestries, and the Gallery of the Geographical Maps. Then, continue through the museums to the Raphael Rooms to admire the frescoes before entering the incredible Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. Your guide will help you experience the allure of Renaissance art by divulging secret details and untold stories throughout the tour. 

Next, visit the Colosseum, where you’ll experience this famous monument from top to bottom. Learn about the construction and the use of the ancient building, and listen to your guide share stories about gladiators, theater shows, animal fights, and more. Then continue to the Roman Forum, a sprawling archaeological site highlighting Ancient Rome’s public marketplace. It also housed the city’s general agora and, in its heyday, the center of Roman political life. Finally, enjoy exploring the ruins of government buildings, temples, basilicas, and more. 

The final portion of the tour takes place in the center of Rome. As you weave through the twisting streets and listen to your guide detail the city’s incredible history, you’ll make several stops. Join the 200-year-old tradition of throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain, admire the Pantheon, walk up the Spanish Steps, and linger at Piazza Navona, the city’s quintessential square featuring incredible Roman Baroque details.

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