Discover the Villages of Paros

Prodromos - Photo from Greeka
Discover the authenticity of Paros' charming villages, starting with the quaint town of Marpissa. This picturesque village is one of the most beautiful on Paros and where you'll find the unique Sculpture Museum of Perantinos. Peruse the many celebrated bronze busts, statues that stand in squares all over Greece, and commemorative medals and drachma coins.

If planning your vacation in August, pop into the 3-day festival Routes of Marpissa, occurring in the last days of the month. This festival offers thematic forays and highlights of architecture, folklore, music, visual arts, and the environment. 

Just outside Marpissa is the modern dairy Parion, where you can taste and buy yogurt and many fresh kinds of cheese. Try local favorites myzithra and xynomyzithra, ladotyri cheese matured in olive oil, or the spicy kefalotyri cheese. The dairy produces all varieties from local cow’s milk using traditional methods and no additives.
Other scenic villages include Lefkes and Prodromos, connected by a Byzantine footpath. This trail is famous for its historical importance and scenic vistas in the late afternoon. Enjoy relaxed hiking and end at the Kallitehniko Kafenio (meaning “Artistic Coffeeshop”) to taste traditional mezes (similar to appetizers or tapas) and homemade dishes.

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