S Marco Basilica
S Marco Basilica

Doge's Palace & St. Mark's Basilica Secret Passages Tour in Venice, Venice


You won’t miss anything on this complete tour of the Doge’s Palace. This VIP experience offers special access to areas not usually open to the public, including torture chambers and the great romantic Casanova’s prison cell. So skip the long lines, get away from the crowds, follow the footsteps of Venice’s most colorful characters, and enjoy an insider’s look at the famed historic residence!

You’ll meet your tour guide near the Doge’s Palace and head straight inside through a secret door. As you step into the hidden world of political Venice, you’ll navigate the isolated prison cells, torture chambers, secret government archives, and top-echelon offices. Even back in its heyday, most Venetians didn’t know this space existed, so it’s hard to overstate just how privileged this secret passages tour is! With antique cabinets and creaky floors, these rooms will truly make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time.

As you leave the secret passages behind, you’ll enter the general access areas of the palace and explore the waiting rooms, council halls, and ballrooms. This part of the palace contrasts with the dark and mysterious portions, revealing a haughty grandeur. Within these walls, you’ll view some of Venice’s finest works of art and discover the public face of the prestigious Republic of Venice. Stroll through lavish apartments and admire dramatic paintings by Veronese and Tintoretto.

This tour ends with a visit to Venice's other great site, St. Mark's Basilica. Once again, skip the long lines and enjoy a complete look inside the Basilica. Admire various eastern and western architectural elements, stunning gold mosaics, and the famous altarpiece, the Pala D'oro. No other landmark pays homage to the city's past as much as St Mark's Basilica does, a structure that benefited greatly from the pillaging of Venetians abroad.

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