Murano Glass Workshop & Walking Tour

Glass Blowing Tour
Experience the world-famous, 700-year-old tradition of glassblowing on this walking tour of Murano Island. Murano's artisans are known as Europe’s finest glass and mirror makers. Witness this artistry in action at a glass factory and create your own Venetian bead. You’ll also learn about lamp-making traditions and visit the 12th-century Byzantine mosaics in the island’s churches.

Combining seven islands connected by bridges, about 5,000 locals live on Murano, so you’ll have the chance to experience another side of Venetian life. As you enjoy a short walking tour with your local guide, soak up the island’s charming character with its colorful houses, enchanting waterways, and historic bridges. Enjoy a quieter atmosphere away from the busier center of Venice and notice the many glass shops lining the streets. Visit Rio dei Vetrai (the canal of the glassmakers), San Pietro Church, the Conterie Art Gallery, and San Donato Church with its Byzantine mosaics.

After your walking tour, you’ll visit the oldest glassblowing factory in the world, operating since 1295 CE. Meet the locals who passionately keep this tradition and craft alive. Watch a demonstration of glassblowing and see how easy these masterful artisans make it look! Then, enjoy a personal glassmaking workshop in which you’ll create your Venetian bead.

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