World Of Marionettes Family Tour in Venice , Venice


Discover Venice’s lovely Cannaregio district, filled with off-the-beaten-path streets and hidden corners, and explore a marionette workshop. On this family-friendly tour, you’ll follow your guide and visit the atelier L'Isola Di Pinocchio. At this beloved craft shop, you’ll find Roberto, the city’s famous marionette artisan.

Did you know the word “marionette” was born in Venice? As you walk through the city, you'll quickly understand why it's an ideal setting for a child’s imagination! It worked on Roberto, who was so captured by the story of Pinocchio and the beautiful city of Venice that he became a modern Geppetto.

Enjoy exploring the picturesque district of Cannaregio, which took its name from the Cannaregio Canal (meaning Royal Canal). The canal was once the main route into the city until the railway construction linked the historic center to the mainland. After a tour in authentic Venice away from the crowds, you’ll spend time with Roberto and his puppets. With the help of your guide (as Roberto doesn’t speak English), you’ll explore his workshop and learn how he carves, paints, and dresses his amazing marionettes.

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