Family Food Tour & Scavenger Hunt in Venice, Venice


Discover the Venetian culinary scene on this fun, interactive, family-friendly food tour with a scavenger hunt. Kids especially love learning about typical cuisine from Venice as they explore different areas of the city. Your guide will take you through Venetian gastronomy, leading you through bustling markets and helping you taste traditional dishes from the past to the present.

Hey, kids—a very important royal guest is coming to Venice to visit the Doge’s Palace, and they chose you to help the team of chefs! You’ll scavenge the city’s food scene to find missing ingredients, discover traditional recipes, and solve a strange mystery.

Along the way, you’ll pass through the Rialto area in the San Polo district. Follow your guide through narrow alleys and off-the-beaten-path streets as you solve puzzles, riddles, and games. Then, make your way to the famous Rialto Market to explore the colorful fruit, plump vegetables, and various fish. In the end, you’ll become a “star chef” and enjoy the tastiest side of Venice!

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