Free Beach Day in Venice

Venice Lido - Photo by Oleg Magni
Escape from Venice's hustle and bustle and enjoy the sandy beaches of the Venice Lagoon. Take a break at Lido, the beach where Venetians escape during the summer. The Lido is famous throughout the world for the Venice Film Festival, which occurs between August and September. There is much more to explore on this island, including around 6 miles (10 km) of white beaches and a peaceful pine forest for nature lovers. The Vaporetto water boat takes only 15 minutes to reach Lido.

As an alternative, Jesolo Beach is especially ideal for kids and families. The coast is large, sandy, and golden with shallow water. You’ll find the town of Jesolo on the opposite side of the Venice lagoon.

Suggested Activities:
  • Beach Clubs: The main beach club on Lido, Blue Moon, is free and has a bar, café, toilets, and showers. However, most beach clubs charge for access to certain areas where you can usually hire deck chairs and umbrellas.

  • Cycling in Lido Venice: Unlike the main city of Venice, Lido has roads, making it a great spot for cycling. There are a few places offering bike hire near to the main waterbus station. Unfortunately, the island doesn’t have a cycle track yet. Still, you can ride along the Murazzi Promenade, the 3-mile pathway running alongside the shore built by the Venice Republic in the 18th century.

    Located in the southern part of the island, Alberoni Beach is the perfect place for biking or walking without disturbances. If you're short of time and prefer an easy ride, you can take the small track towards the belltower on the lagoon side of the island. In just a few minutes, you'll reach Malamocco, a small Venetian fishing village. 

  • Family Activities in Lido di Jesolo: If you choose Jesolo, besides sunbathing, there are various activities to entertain families with kids, such as parks, boat cruises, bicycle adventures, and much more. Aqualandia is a Caribbean-themed water park in the heart of Jesolo and one of the best in Italy. There are eight themed areas, 26 attractions and rides, the tallest bungee-jumping tower in Europe, and evening shows and entertainment activities. The Jolly Roger Cruises along the shores of Jesolo offer a pirate experience for the whole family!
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