Gondola Ride through the Canals of Venice

Enjoy a scenic canal ride in a traditional Venetian Gondola, one of the most quintessential activities in Venice. You’ll experience the quieter, more evocative side canals of the city, which offer a relaxed and romantic ambiance. Nothing is more magical than seeing Venice from the water! You can choose a daytime tour to enjoy the colorful Venetian facades or a romantic evening tour as the sun begins to set and the city sparkles.

The gondola is as unique as its city of origin, with its crescent-shaped hulls and forcoles allowing gondoliers to position oars in different ways. The oar positioning is the secret to how these long and slender crafts navigate Venice’s narrow and intricate network of waterways.

You’ll start along the banks of the Grand Canal, passing the most popular sites in Venice, including palaces and bridges. But you’ll also enjoy the smaller canals, discovering hidden mansions and quiet corners of the city.

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Itineraries with Gondola Ride through the Canals of Venice

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