Tour to Murano & Burano Islands in Venice

Explore outside Venice’s bustling center and enjoy a half-day tour of Murano and Burano, two scenic islands in the Venetian Lagoon. After boarding your boat, your guide will introduce you to the magical lagoon formed by a cluster of islets. Your first stop is Burano, a fishing island famous for its lacemaking industry and colorful pastel houses. It’s believed that fishers painted the houses in such vivid colors so that they could recognize them while out at sea. Today, about 3,000 residents still live on Burano, many continuing the lacemaking tradition. 

After some free time to explore Burano on your own, you'll make your way to Murano, the most famous of the Venetian islands. The "island" is a small archipelago of various islets connected by bridges and inhabited by around 4,500 people. Murano has a long history of glassmaking, dating back to 1291 CE when glassmakers moved from Venice proper to Murano. The local Venetian council decided that the furnaces used to make glass were causing too many fires in Venice’s wooden buildings, and the artisans had to relocate.

As part of your tour, you'll visit a glass factory and watch a glassblowing demonstration. Then, before returning to Venice’s city center, you’ll also explore the factory's showroom and admire the high-quality glass produced on the island.

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