Hike the Medieval Paths of Naxos

The Naxos landscape
Experience the history and natural beauty of Naxos Island by hiking along its medieval pathways. These paths are set on the island's eastern side, combining rocky terrain, picturesque olive groves, and mountain views.

As you make your way to the trailhead, you'll listen to stories about the island's history, culture, and heritage from your guide. Your hike includes two points of interest. You'll walk to the medieval Monastery of Fotodoti, which offers incredible views and architecture. Then, you'll discover the historic village of Apeiranthos.

Apeiranthos is one of Naxos Island's most charming hamlets, set high in the hills with twisting marble pathways and white-washed buildings. Enjoy the impressive architecture, with stone-built towers, old houses, and churches. Peruse the traditional souvenir shops for local crafts, or sit at an outdoor terrace for a Greek coffee and dessert.

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