Horse-Drawn Wagon Ride & Picnic in Chianti

Landscape in Chianti region, near Siena
Explore the Tuscan scenery at a peaceful, relaxed pace. Your guide will lead you through the picturesque and aromatic Chianti region on a horse-drawn wagon. You’ll end your tour with a fresh picnic lunch and panoramic views, enjoying a truly unique way to experience Tuscany.

As you make your way through the Chianti countryside, enjoy breathing in the clean, fresh, and aromatic air in an open-air wagon. Two powerful horses lead you, crossing panoramic routes and historic castles. Your guide will entertain you with stories, interesting facts, and local myths.

Take a break at a shaded spot amongst Tuscany’s vineyards and enjoy a fresh picnic lunch of local products and wine. Take in the panoramic views of this iconic landscape before heading back through the scenic Tuscan countryside.

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Itineraries with Horse-Drawn Wagon Ride & Picnic in Chianti

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