Jewish History Tour in Venice

Venice canals
Discover the Jewish history of Venice as you explore the historic districts of Giudecca and Cannaregio with a local guide. Experience art, history, and gastronomy to get a complete view of Venetian Jewish culture. This historic walk will immerse you in the interesting stories surrounding the world’s first Jewish Ghetto

You’ll start in Campo San Geremia and learn why the Serenissima Republic forced the Jewish community to live under strict rules. Then, listen as your guide explains how they lived for centuries in Cannaregio and how the district changed throughout the years. Then continue to Campo del Ghetto. The word ghetto is a local Venetian word meaning “foundry.” Wander through the neighborhood, discover hidden synagogues, and learn about the tragic deportation during the Holocaust. 

Next, explore the neighborhood of Cannaregio. This district has famously beautiful streets with Venetian "skyscrapers" and charming, narrow canals. Cross bridges draped in the locals' laundry and end the tour at Fondamenta dei Ormesini.

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Itineraries with Jewish History Tour in Venice

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Jewish history is of fundamental importance for Italian cultural heritage, and nearly every city in Italy can trace back their Jewish communities. Spend 9 days exploring the synagogues, ghettos, old cemeteries, and more to explore this rich culture. See the San Sabba concentration camp in Trieste, explore Venice's medieval ghetto and view ancient Hebrew texts in Bologna. 

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