Jewish History Walking Tour in Rome

Enjoy a journey through art, history, culture, traditions, and food as you explore Rome’s vibrant Jewish Quarter. Stroll through the lively Jewish Ghetto with a local Jewish guide, admire the beauty of Rome’s Great Synagogue, and explore the expansive Jewish-Roman culture through timeless art and delectable cuisine.

The Jewish residents of Rome can consider themselves among the city’s most historical inhabitants. Their settlement even predated the time of Julius Caesar! As you explore historic neighborhoods, places of worship, and museums, you’ll acquire a deep knowledge of Rome’s Jewish culture from past to present.

Ever resilient in the face of persecution, the historic settlers of the Jewish Ghetto have shaped an area that is now perhaps the most thriving and desired neighborhood in Rome’s historic center. Set between the Capitoline Hill and the River Tiber, the Ghetto bustles with fresh bakeries and restaurants specializing in Jewish cuisine, as well as the city’s largest synagogue.

As you walk through the district, learn the story behind the beautiful Fontana delle Tartarughe (Fountain of the Turtles) and the ancient Portico of Octavia, a monumental complex dedicated to the sister of the first Roman emperor Augustus. Listen closely to catch the unique Giudeo-Romanesco dialect, which many residents still speak. It’s one of the oldest surviving remnants of this unique culture.

Next, visit the Ashkenaz and Sephardi synagogues, where you’ll find countless treasures spanning the ages. Then venture inside the iconic Great Synagogue of Rome, the largest in the city. Your guide will share the synagogue's history, established after the unification of Italy, and the changes to Jewish culture and representation throughout the centuries.

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