Lookout for toucans on the banks of the Río Pacuare

Kids Saving the Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary in Manuel Antonio


Kids Saving the Rainforest is a non-profit organization based in Quepos, the gateway to Manuel Antonio National Park. The sanctuary rescues over 100 animals each year, with the primary goal of rehabilitating and releasing them back into the wild. The organization has a deeply-rooted passion for the animals within their care and teaches the public about the dangers of human-wildlife interaction, the pet trade, and much more.

On this educational wildlife tour, you'll not only tour the sanctuary, but you'll also roll up your sleeves and jump right into the work of caring for the animals yourself! With the guidance of a full-time, well-trained staff member, you'll learn how to engage with these creatures in an ecologically responsible way. The rehabilitation program hosts species such as sloths (both two and three-toed), marmosets, great macaws, toucans, and all four species of monkeys found in Costa Rica.

You'll also observe the unreleasable animals who live at the sanctuary full time. The refuge is a home for nearly 50 animals that cannot survive in the wild due to various physical disabilities or unnatural behavior after being kept as illegal pets. You'll see firsthand just how much care the workers give to ensure that these full-time residents have the best life possible.

Every day at the wildlife sanctuary is different, so the exact activities included will depend on the needs of the animals on the day of your visit. However, you're guaranteed to end the day with a wealth of new knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the diverse wildlife that calls Costa Rica home!

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