Costa Rica offers adventures suitable for all ages, making it an excellent choice for a family vacation. Kids and adults alike love spotting wildlife, ziplining through cloud forests, learning how to surf, touring organic farms, and much more. The unique experiences you can enjoy in Costa Rica—a country leading the world in eco-tourism and wildlife conservation—will leave a lasting impression on the entire family for years to come.

Getting Oriented

Costa Rica is filled with adventures for the entire family.

There are numerous reasons why Costa Rica is great for families. The country leads the world in unique initiatives that support eco-tourism and wildlife conservation, so Costa Rica's amazing flora and fauna are worth a trip alone! Kids and adults love spotting monkeys and sloths, and birding in Costa Rica, especially when combining the experience with conservation efforts and hands-on learning opportunities. 

Besides beautiful nature and curious critters, Costa Rica also abounds with interesting activities that leave lasting impressions on entire families. So, why not bond over ziplining through cloud forests, learning how to surf, or interacting with locals on organic farms? And with one of the country's most prized exports being chocolate, no kid will say no to delicious cultural experiences in Costa Rica!

Equally as important as entertainment is lodging. You'll find tons of family-friendly hotels in Manuel Antonio, but even some of the boutique accommodations work well for kids. All in all, you and your family will surely enjoy relaxing at your lodgings and adventuring around the area.

Cultural Experiences

Unplug with your family and discover the intricacies of Costa Rican culture. All ages love learning about sustainable farming techniques and the country's famed chocolate-making process.

Los Campesinos Farm Experience

Learn how to milk cows with traditional farming techniques and taste local foods.

Costa Rica's sustainable farming practices use natural resources and traditional techniques to produce delicious goods. Visit an organic farm to learn a bit more about these practices, such as how to milk a cow and collect eggs from chickens. Other highlights include extracting juice from sugar cane, distilling artisanal liquor, and viewing indigenous artifacts. To end the experience, enjoy tasting farm products like coffee, tortillas, cheese, and potatoes. Read More

Chocolate Farm Visit & Workshop

Learn the process behind making chocolate and 100% organic Costa Rican coffee.

Visit a small, family-run farm dedicated to sustainable, eco-friendly cultivation practices and learn about the process of making chocolate and coffee. Start with participating in all steps of the coffee process: harvesting, peeling, roasting, and grinding. Then, focus on the chocolate (which kids love). As you learn about the history and process of chocolate making, you can snack on the delicious fruity pulp that covers the cacao beans. Read More

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Animals & Nature

Kids and animals go hand in hand, but even older children and adults will love wildlife spotting in Costa Rica. Some of the most beloved critters include sloths, monkeys, and wild cats, but you can also see endless exotic bird species, crocodiles, insects, frogs, and more.

Wildlife Boat Tour on Corobicí River

A quiet float that doesn't startle the animals is perfect for wildlife viewing.

With the help of a naturalist guide, float along the Corobicí River and identify an incredible variety of animals, birds, fish, and plants. Keep your eyes peeled as you look up at the gigantic kapoks, figs, rubber, and shoreline trees, all of which host many species of animals, such as monkeys, bats, lizards, birds, iguanas, and more, plus the king of the Corobicí, crocodiles. Read More

Visit Kids Saving the Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary

Observe wildlife conservation in action and interact with some of the animals.

Kids Saving the Rainforest is a nonprofit that rescues over 100 animals each year, with the primary goal of rehabilitating and releasing them back into the wild. You and your family will learn about the country's wildlife conservation and interact with animals such as sloths (two and three-toed), marmosets, great macaws, toucans, and all four species of monkeys found in Costa Rica. Read More

Pacific Green Turtle Nesting Experience

Be in awe of the hundreds of mother turtles that lay their eggs on the beaches in Costa Rica.

Watch hundreds of Pacific Green turtles make their way up Playa Minas in the Gulf of Papagayo and lay between 65 to 90 eggs each. Your naturalist guide will teach you more about this natural phenomenon and the endangered sea turtle species as you relax on the scenic beach. After a 60-day incubation period, the tiny hatchlings emerge and make their way to the ocean, a hopeful process that supports the species' recovery. Read More


Take home unforgettable memories with exciting active experiences in Costa Rica! For example you can learn how to surf with the entire family or fly through the jungle on zip lines.

Surf Lesson at Playa Guiones

Learn how to surf alongside your kids in Costa Rica.

Playa Guiones in Nosara is one of the best surf breaks in Costa Rica, meaning it's an ideal place to learn how the sport. With the help of experienced surf instructors, you'll get tips and guidance to make the most out of your time. Even total beginners will be able to stand up on a surfboard and ride their first wave! Read More

Sky Adventures Park in Monteverde

Ride a gondola, zipline through the jungle, and walk above the treetops in Monteverde.

At Sky Adventures Park in Monteverde, you and the entire family can enjoy aerial excursions high above the treetops of the Cloud Forest. Start with the Sky Tram gondola, a series of transports that take you to zip lines and suspended bridges. The park's Sky Trek extension is regarded as the most thrilling zip line in the country! Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Family Itinerary in Costa Rica

Enjoy exploring the rainforest with your kids in tow.

Because Costa Rica offers activities for all levels and ages, your entire family can easily enjoy the country's standard adventures. Even beginners or younger kids can learn how to surf, go whitewater rafting, zip through the jungle, or kayak in the ocean. Therefore, it's easy to adapt any Costa Rican itinerary to a family-friendly vacation.

Remember that traveling with the entire family may require a little extra time to get ready for excursions, travel between regions in Costa Rica, and recover from adventures. However, one or two weeks in Costa Rica will give you enough time to enjoy exciting cultural and active experiences that you and your family will cherish forever.

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