Naples Farmers Food Market & Pizza-Making Tour

Discover the secrets behind Naples’ original pizza with a tour and cooking class. You’ll learn how to prepare famous Neapolitan pizza, visit a lively local market, discover unique and typical Neapolitan products, and cook with a master pizzaiolo!

You’ll start in the bustling Pignasecca Market, one of Naples’s oldest street markets and a place that will surely awaken your senses. Here you’ll enjoy a traditional Neapolitan breakfast just like locals! Sip a cappuccino or espresso and taste the popular sweet pastry called sfogliatelle, thin phyllo dough filled with sweetened citrus-flavored ricotta cheese. Food markets in Italy are more than just a place to buy your groceries; they’re an impressive cultural experience. You can learn a lot about a place by perusing seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs, interacting with vendors, and discovering local history as told by your passionate guide. 

After learning the market’s hidden secrets, you’ll make your way to one of the oldest pizzerias in the city. Set in Naples’ historical center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this legendary venue is the home to your pizza-making class. A professional pizza chef, called pizzaiolo or pizzaiuol, as they say in the Neapolitan language, will teach you all the tips and tricks. The best pizza you’ll ever have is the one you’ll make with your own hands! 

To end your tour, make one final stop at Piazza San Gaetano for a limoncello tasting. Sorrento’s traditional lemon-flavored liquor is famous worldwide and the perfect digestive to follow an Italian meal.

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