Interactive Pompeii Tour for Kids

Discover the incredible ancient ruins of Pompeii with your family in an entertaining and unique way! This kid-friendly exploration runs as an interactive, workshop-like experience. Your little ones will stay engaged and excited about Ancient Rome and enjoy some take-home activities.

Not only is this tour made for children, but it’s also led by children, meaning your kids will take on the role of the guide and lead the way! After receiving a special map, you’ll navigate the archeological site, finding your way through games, riddles, clues, and mimes. The map reconstructs the ancient city and how its inhabitants lived. Completing the games will help your entire family better understand Pompeii and award kids with character stickers to add to their map, which they can take home.

Enjoy seeing all the highlights of Ancient Pompeii, including the Forum, theater, bathhouse, and tavern, plus private homes, temples, and more. Each child will receive an original Pompeii For Kids Activity Book at the end of the tour to continue the adventure at home!

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