St Andrea Cathedral and the panoramic views of Amalfi coast

Walking Tour from Amalfi to Atrani, Amalfi Coast


Enjoy an unforgettable day exploring the charming towns of Amalfi, a jewel of medieval art, and Atrani, from which you can admire scenic views of the Amalfi Coast. You’ll start in the historic center of Amalfi. The city was once the capital of an ancient maritime republic, and its charming streets are rightly considered an open-air museum. 

Amalfi features an endless network of preserved and intact original architecture, which showcases its rich past. You’ll view old towers, historic walls, vaulted houses, ancient churches, chapels, and convents. Enjoy strolling by its merchant and aristocrat medieval houses as you make your way to its main square, Piazza Flavio Gioia

Visit the famous Cathedral of Sant’ Andrea (or Duomo), proving Amalfi’s important commercial role with its Arab-Sicilian style. During the medieval period, the city dedicated the cathedral to the Apostle and patron saint of Amalfi, whose relics are kept here. Then you’ll visit the Fountain of Sant'Andrea. Carved in the 18th century, you can view its marble sculptures of the saint and marine deities.

Next, meander the narrow medieval alleys densely littered with souvenir and limoncello shops. Walk up the stairs to the characteristic center of Atrani and stop for incredible panoramic views from the cemetery of the ancient San Lorenzo Monastery. Make your way to Atrani’s main square, or piazzetta, and visit the Church of San Salvatore de 'Birecto.

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