Naples Walking Tour & Veiled Christ Viewing

Zip along the streets of downtown Naples
Discover the historic streets of Spaccanapoli, where you can admire the various architectural styles of its churches and buildings. Naples is an eclectic mixture of colors, styles, and flavors! Enjoy the warmth of its people and the sounds of daily life as you explore the city, stopping to view the famous Cappella San Severo, which houses the Veiled Christ. 

The tour begins at Piazza del Gesù, one of the city’s most famous squares just a few steps away from the historical center. Next, walk along Spaccanapoli, a long narrow street that divides old Naples into two perfect halves with shops, restaurants, and alleys. Finally, stop to admire the San Domenico Maggiore square with its various architectural styles. You’ll view the city’s gems here, including the Chapel San Severo featuring the statue Cristo Velato by Giuseppe Sanmartino. 

After visiting the famous figure of the God of the Nile River, enjoy a break with a typical Neapolitan coffee in one of the city’s most famous bars. Then wander around Piazza St. Gaetano, the oldest square of Naples, where the ancient “Agora” once sat during Greek times. In Roman times, this square housed the forum, and you can still visit the churches of San Lorenzo and San Paolo Maggiore.

Your last stop is the baroque cathedral of Saint Gennaro, which dates back to the 13th century, and forms an indispensable part of the Neapolitan faith. The Patron St. Gennaro's blood is preserved and becomes liquid during the so-called Miracle of St. Gennaro.

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