Naxos Historical & Cultural Heritage Tour

The Quaint Streets of Naxos
Learn about the history and cultural heritage of Naxos Island. A specialized guide will lead you through ancient Greek ruins, significant monuments, and charming traditional villages. 

Naxos is a significant island in the Cyclades, known for its gastronomy, unique culture, and important history. First, you'll make a stop at the famous entrance to the Temple of Apollo, Portara, meaning "huge door" in Greek. Both the Portara and the Temple of Demeter (located in the hilly countryside of Naxos) date back to 530 BCE.

Next, stroll through the island's main attraction, the 13th-century Venetian Castle. More like a sprawling fortress, this site covers most of Naxos Town's picturesque Chora (city center) that buzzes with shops, cafes, and plazas. Finally, leave the main town and head out into the island countryside. Visit the two massive statues of Kouros set in different locations on the island and savor the views.

Some other sites to see include the charming traditional villages of Chalki, Apiranthos, and Kaloxylos, all with culturally significant history and heritage. Or, visit the castle ruins made from Naxian stone and the Sanctuary of Iria ruins, dedicated to Dionysus.

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Itineraries with Naxos Historical & Cultural Heritage Tour

Paros & Naxos - 8 Days

Many travelers flock to Santorini and Mykonos, but during this trip, you'll visit two spectacular yet less-traveled islands in the Cyclades chain. Start off in Paros, where golden sand beaches and charming villages are yours to explore. Then hop a ferry to neighboring Naxos for a bustling Chora (main town), beautiful whitewashed villages clinging to mountainsides, and countryside filled with churches, archaeological sites, and local distilleries.

Past and Present in Athens, Tinos & Naxos - 7 Days

Cover more than 3,000 years in just seven days with this educational itinerary. You'll learn about the myths of the Acropolis along with the agriculture of Naxos and artisans of Tinos as you sweep past the centuries in the city of Athens and Cyclades island chain.

Discover Ancient Greece & the Cyclades - 12 Days

Enjoy some of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades on this trip, starting on the mainland with mythology tours of the Acropolis, stargazing at constellations, and walks through the Temple of Delphi. Make your way to Tinos, the hidden gem of the Aegean, where you'll enjoy visits to marble villages, an afternoon on the beach, and an art workshop, followed by the glitz of Mykonos and the ancient ruins of Delos. End your trip with historical sites in Naxos, plus gorgeous views, beaches, and a wine tasting in Santorini.