Naxos Yesterday & Today Island Tour

Naxos Villages
Discover the island of Naxos, past to present. You'll start in the small village of Damalas and visit a traditional pottery workshop. A local ceramist will walk you through his process as he works the clay on the pottery wheel. Learn about the island's history of pottery and the important role this ancient craft played throughout Greece.

Next, you'll experience another important identity of the Greeks: olive oil. The village’s restored olive press will give you insight into traditional practices as you learn more about modern olive oil production. Then, head to the village of Chalki adorned with neoclassical mansions and home to a kitron distillery. You'll find this iconic liqueur throughout Naxos and the whole of Greece. Learn about the entire production process, from tree to fruit distillation methods, and then enjoy a tasting.

Your next stop is the paleo-Christian church of Panagia Drosiani. The oldest nave of this church was built between the 4th and the 6th centuries, making it one of the Balkan Peninsula's oldest. Then make your way to the picturesque mountain village of Apiranthos. Stroll the marbled alleys and enjoy the scenic views as you learn about this charming hamlet's distinct traditions and rich culture.

You'll end the tour in the area of Flerio, which once produced the island's high-quality marble and provided its freshwater. Here you'll find the massive 7th-century-BCE marble statue of Kouros, known simply as "The Greek."

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