Olive Oil Tour Near Chania

Discover one of the most important aspects of Greek culture and the Mediterranean diet: olive oil. Grab your car rental and leave Chania to explore a nearby olive grove, museum, and workshop to learn all about the olive tree, its stone fruit, and the gold elixir it produces.

Head toward Kolymvari, one of Greece's best olive oil-producing areas. Enjoy the serenity of driving and walking among the olive groves, which appear endless and extend vast areas. Watch the green-silver leaves reflect in the sun, observe the hanging olives, and touch the nurtured soil. Then, make your way to the Museum of Vouves, where you can view one of the most ancient olive trees and learn about Greece's incredible history with olive oil.

Next, visit a nearby olive oil workshop and learn about the traditional uses of the liquid. You'll discover how to use olive oil in many different ways, including therapeutic and cosmetic, as people did in Ancient Greece. Listen to local stories, watch how olive oil can treat burns and other skin problems, and observe how to make olive oil soap (and try some for yourself!).

To end your exploration of Cretan olive oil, head to a traditional tavern in one of the Kolymvari villages. Here you can taste the oil on its own or in authentic recipes. The oil truly transforms otherwise simple dishes into local delicacies.

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