Rome Food Tour

Get to know Rome with your taste buds on a food tour through the city. Food is an essential part of Italian history and culture, and you’ll leave this tour with a full belly and mind. Start your meal like Italians, with a pre-dinner Aperitivo of cheese and wine. Then pass through the Jewish Ghetto of Rome and learn about Roman Jewish cuisine. Next, discover the secrets behind a perfect Roman pasta dish while enjoying a view of the Pantheon, and polish it all off with gelato.

Your evening starts in one of Rome’s most romantic and beautiful squares, Piazza Mattei, near the Fountain of the Turtles. You’ll meet your local food expert and start socializing in Italy’s favorite way: the Aperitivo. You’ll sit or stand in a nearby wine bar and learn about Italian conviviality, which prioritizes the value of eating together, sharing a meal with your family and friends, sipping on amazing wine, and tasting meats and cheeses.

Next, make your way into the Jewish Quarter, famous for its fried treats and rich history. Before you sit down to eat, take a quick tour of the area. Your guide will help you understand the value of the Jewish Ghetto and the neighborhood's emotional connection with the center of Rome. Then discover some of the best Roman Jewish food the area offers, including fried fior di zucca (zucchini flowers) and fried artichokes, paired with a crisp glass of prosecco.

Continue into the streets, where you’ll find Rome’s historical street food culture. Even though street food has boomed in the past decade, Rome has served friggitorie and pizza al taglio since the early 1960s. Stop at one of the best pizza-by-the-slice spots in Rome and take it with you as you meander to Largo Argentina. While looking at the beautifully lit Roman excavations and listening to stories about Julius Caesar, you’ll enjoy this prominent Roman street food.

No food tour in Rome is complete without pasta! You’ll sample a variety of local pasta specialties while sitting outside in front of the historic Pantheon. With a spectacular view of this ancient Roman temple, you’ll eat at a local restaurant that has been open for three generations. Feast on fresh Italian pasta and learn the differences between noodle shapes and sauces. Now’s your chance to try different combinations you’ve never heard of or have always wanted to eat! Finally, pair your pasta with carefully selected Italian wines.

Your final stop includes gelato or coffee. With so many cafes and gelaterias in Rome, you’ll have your pick of flavors and brews. Enjoy an espresso and creamy gelato with a rich taste free from any additives.

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