Toddler-Friendly Family Walking Tour in Venice

Get your bearings and enjoy a fun, family-friendly orientation walking tour of beautiful Venice. Designed specifically for younger kids (toddlers and preschoolers), you’ll enjoy an exciting scavenger hunt filled with games and coloring.

Oh no, kids! Poor Marco, the lion, is so worried—his friends Lisa and Teo disappeared into a magic gate to travel through time! Let’s help him find them by following clues and solving puzzles. You’ll return Marco’s friends by discovering a magic spell.

Besides being an excellent kid-friendly activity, the scavenger hunt offers a perfect introduction to the main sites of Venice. You’ll start in the famous and buzzy St. Mark’s Square, where you’ll meet your guide. Enjoy walking away from the crowds and through the backstreets of the lovely Cannaregio and Castello districts. By exploring off-the-beaten-path streets, you’ll discover hidden Venice and listen to stories about some of its famous residents.

As the whole family learns about the history of Venice, past to present, kids will enjoy lots of games, drawing, and coloring!

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