Vatican Highlights Family Treasure Hunt

Help your kids explore the beauty, history, and mystery of The Vatican with a fun and educational tour. As you explore the different museums, rooms, and collections, you’ll search for treasure! Work together and concentrate on a journey through time, discovering hidden secrets along the way.

Your kid-friendly guide will meet you in front of the Vatican Museums, learning what interests your kids and what makes them curious. You’ll receive a special treasure map, and the games will begin. You'll explore different rooms and collections, focusing on the most fun for kids. These special areas are free from big crowds and allow your children time and space to be curious and ask questions. Along the way, you’ll marvel at the tricky Momo’s Staircase and match the clues on your treasure map. Admire the gold horse carriages and vintage cars that the popes have used throughout history. Not many tourists get the chance to see these unique collections!

Continue through the museums as you make your way across your map, taking time to answer fun questions, decipher clues, and, of course, find treasures! You’ll visit the spacious outdoor Pinecone and Octagonal Courtyards, walk through the impressive Gallery of Maps (a kids’ favorite), and make your way to Michelangelo’s incredible Sistine Chapel.

As you exit the Sistine Chapel, your guide will lead you through a direct entryway into the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica. Admire Bernini’s Baldacchino (an altar made entirely of bronze), the Pietà (another Michelangelo masterpiece), the Holy Door (which absolves sins during a Jubilee year), and more. Your guide will check to see that the kids answered all the treasure map questions and award prizes before saying goodbye.

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