Verona Walking Tour


Explore the picturesque and historic city of Verona with an expert guide leading the way. Verona is the center of the world’s famous love drama between Romeo and Juliet and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. Enjoy discovering its landmarks, twisting alleyways, and brightly colored buildings.

You’ll start at The Arena, an ancient Roman amphitheater known as one of the best-preserved in the world. It dates back to 30 CE, and the city still uses it for cultural events! Next, continue walking through narrow cobblestone streets to Piazza Bra, the largest square in Verona. This was once the old center of ancient political life and a source of inspiration for famous Veronese artists, including the painter Angelo Dall’Oca Bianca and poet Berto Barbarani. Around the corner, you’ll find the house of Verona’s most famous lover, Shakespeare’s Juliet, where the tragic drama of Romeo and Juliet took place. 

Verona’s reputation is the town of love, but it’s also one of northern Italy's most important medieval villages. That’s why, in the heart of the historical center, you can find the headquarters of the powerful Scaligeri family. Signori Square, or, as the Veronese call it, Dante Square, is one of the most romantic corners in the town.

Next, follow your guide through Verona’s incredibly beautiful back alleys. Along the way, your guide is happy to show you where to find the best Veronese osteria with the most traditional regional food for lunch. The side streets eventually bring you to the Adige River, which still flows into its ancient bed. The Romans discovered it when they settled down at the foot of the Lessini Mountains. From here, cherish an incredible view of Ponte Pietra, The Roman Theater, and the Archeological Museum.

After lunch, and before heading back, you can visit another interesting site in Verona. Choose from the Cathedral, the Carega district with its ateliers of local artists, or Castelvecchio and the Arch of the Gavi family.

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Itineraries with Verona Walking Tour

Rome, Florence, Verona, & Venice - 12 Days

Your trip starts with tours through Rome's historical core, Vatican City, and the Roman Forum, with walks through the Colosseum and to the top of Palatine Hill. Head to Florence to experience its historic squares, cathedrals, and museums. End your trip in Verona, visiting the infamous romantic of Shakespeare's love story and the floating city of Venice.

Highlights of Venice, Verona & Lake Garda - 5 Days

With this quick 5-day trip, you'll explore Venice and the Veneto region of Northern Italy. Experience the heart of the 'Floating City' as you wander along its beautiful canals and visit St. Mark's Square and the Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace). Experience Shakespearean love in Verona at Casa di Giulietta and relive Roman entertainment at the Arena. Take a day trip to Lake Garda and find tranquility in the picturesque lakeside villages of Sirmione and Desenzano del Garda.

Rome, Orvieto, Florence, & Verona - 14 Days

This route takes you through the highlights of Italy while exploring more of each region. Start in Rome, visiting the Vatican and Colosseum before making your way up to the lesser-known Umbria region for a stopover in Orvieto. Enjoy your time away from the big city and delight in the local life. Continue up to the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence. This city's incredible plazas and cathedrals never disappoint. Finish off your trip in the Veneto region, staying in the lovely and romantic Verona and visiting its neighboring city, Venice.