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Visit an Art Restoration Studio in Seville


If you've ever wondered how experts restore artwork from millennia ago, you can watch how it's done firsthand in Seville. In the city's Old Town, hidden down a small side street, a simple, nondescript door opens to welcome you into a 19th-century abode filled with artistic treasures. Renowned art restorers—Jesus, Pablo, and Virginia—invite you into their studio to share their passion.

Far removed from museum queues and shuffling tour groups, this experience takes place in the privacy of an art restoration studio. Join the experts as they talk you through the numerous works of art they are restoring and discover the techniques and tools they use to save antique pieces and bring them back to life. Depending on the day, you might find Golden Age paintings, rococo mirrors, ivory crucifixes, or Roman pottery over 2,000 years old. This is a truly magical experience for art lovers!

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