Historic Bayeux lies just 18 miles (30 km) northwest of Caen, capital of the Calvados region of Normandy in northwest France. 

The fastest way to make the journey is by rail, with hourly trains linking the two in 15 minutes. A rental car the best option for those looking to explore the area further, with Bayeux an easy 25-minute drive from Caen. From there, historic sites, sweeping beaches, and the rugged Cotentin Peninsula are all within a 30-minute drive. Buses also depart Caen hourly for Bayeux, taking under 30 minutes and offering the most affordable way to make the trip.

Bayeaux is a popular destination for its medieval ambiance and history, as well as serving as the base of choice for most travelers visiting the nearby landing beaches and WWII monuments of the northern Normandy coast. Continue discovering Normandy with our five and seven-day itineraries which incorporate Caen and Bayeux into a tour of the region’s highlights.

By Train

Duration: 15 minutes

The fastest way to make the trip is by rail, with hourly regional TER and Incercités trains connecting Caen and Bayeux in a speedy 15 minutes. 

Trains leave from Gare de Caen, a 15-minute walk south of the center, and arrive at Gare de Bayeux, which is an easy 15-minute stroll from Rue Saint-Jean and the town’s historic heart.

Intercités trains can be booked ahead online, while regional TER tickets are available at the station kiosks.

By Rental Car

Duration: 25 minutes

A rental car is the best choice for travelers looking to explore beyond Bayeux to the northern Normandy coast. Several rental agencies are conveniently located across the street from the Gare de Caen station, and the drive to Bayeux is a straightforward 25 minutes on the N13 motorway.

The route passes the Caen Memorial Museum as it leaves the city, a worthy stop for those interested in WWII history. Upon arrival in Bayeux, parking is usually easiest in paid lots, which are well-marked and free on Sundays.

From Bayeux, the Normandy coast, Vierville-sur-Mer, the WWII landing beaches, and the wilds of the Cotentin Peninsula are all within a 30-minute drive.

By Bus

Duration: 25 minutes

Local SCNF buses run from Caen to Bayeux hourly, departing from the Gare de Caen train station and arriving at Gare de Bayeux in about 25 minutes. While the bus is slightly cheaper and slower than the train, they arrive and depart from the same places, making both convenient ways to reach Bayeux.


Map of How to Get from Caen to Bayeux
Map of How to Get from Caen to Bayeux