Out of all the major Australian cities, the Blue Mountains are closest to Sydney, with the main town of Katoomba being about 60 miles (100 kms) away.

Travelers coming from other parts of the country need to travel via Sydney, even if they avoid the central city. Learn more about How to Get from Sydney to the Blue Mountains

By Private Tour

Travelers who want to take the easiest option or who perhaps don't have time to stay in the Blue Mountains for long can get a day trip from Sydney. These can accommodate a range of interests, from hiking and outdoor adventures to general sightseeing. These may be offered from a range of Australian cities, but you'll need to go to the Sydney area first.

By Car

If you're driving around Australia or just want to rent a car for a trip to the Blue Mountains, the area is easy to get to.

From central Sydney, the quickest option heads west from the central city, first along the M4 and then the Great Western Highway. The trip passes through the Western Sydney suburbs of Parramatta and Penrith, before becoming more hilly and rural after you cross the Nepean River

If coming from further afield than Sydney—such as Canberra and Melbourne to the south, or Newcastle to the north—it's not necessary to go through central Sydney. You can avoid the slow traffic through the city by heading straight to the south-western or north-western suburbs of Sydney.

By Train

It's easy to get a commuter train from Sydney to Katoomba. Trains leave Central Station in Sydney every half hour or hour, depending on the time of day, and take two hours to reach Katoomba. Tickets are cheap, especially on Sundays. The train is a comfortable and efficient way of getting to the Blue Mountains.

By Bus

Direct buses also run between Sydney and Katoomba. If you're coming from elsewhere in Australia by bus, you'll need to change in Sydney first. The bus tends to be a slower mode of transport than taking the train.