Eidfjord is a small community surrounded by stunning scenery and is a gateway to several hikes and cultural activities.  Reaching Eidfjord is best reached by car or private transfer from the main cities in Norway- Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger. Driving gives you the freedom to reach Eidfjord at your leisure, stop along the way and saves you time waiting for public transportation and transfers. 

Taking buses and trains is possible, though it requires several transfers or a combination of public transportation. It's important to note, when you reach Eidfjord you’ll need to take a local bus or a taxi to reach the center of town. 

From Bergen

Duration: 2.5-3 hours by car, 3-5 hours by train and bus or bus and boat

The quickest and most convenient way to reach Eidfjord is to drive or request a private transfer. This route takes 2.5 hours without traffic or delays on the E16 highway covering a distance of 95 miles (153km). 

Riding on the train is an option, though it doesn’t go direct. You’ll need to combine public transportation methods-  train and bus ride to reach Eidfjord. Trains depart from Bergen train station and go direct to the town of Voss, where you can catch a bus to Eidfjord or take a taxi or private transfer for the remaining 45-minute drive. You can purchase drinks and snacks onboard or bring your own food. The train also offers free wi-fi. 

Another option is to take a bus direct from Bergen to Norheimsund, which takes around 2 hours. Buses depart in the morning till evening and go every 2 hours approximately. On weekends, services are reduced. From Norheimsund, you’ll need to take another bus to reach your destination, which depart infrequently so make sure you plan accordingly for a smooth travel experience.  From May to September, you can take a boat from Norheimsund to Eidfjord, which is a spectacular ride giving you a different perspective of the landscape. 

From Oslo

Duration: 5 hours by car, 7-11 hours by public transportation

Driving takes close to 5 hours and covers a distance of 193 (310 km) on the RV7 highway, known as the National Tourist Route. Like most drives in Norway, you’ll want to have your camera ready to take photos as you pass by several lakes and rivers, including the Hallingdaselva, also referred to the Great River, which you’ll travel alongside off and on during your journey.  

You can take a bus from the Oslo bus station to the town of Voss, where you’ll need to transfer to another bus to reach Eidfjord. Taking the bus isn’t recommended as the journey time is between 7-11 hours depending on bus departure time. 

If you don’t have a rental car, we suggest you request a private transfer to reach Eidfjord.

From Stavanger

Duration: 5  hours

The fastest and shortest route is on the E39 and RV13 highway and takes around five hours. This route is (263 km) and requires a ferry crossing and has toll roads.  

This drive is impressive passing by several lakes and fjords. Less than an hour after you depart, you’ll take the Mortavika-Arsvågen ferry that crosses through the Boknafjorden with views of the fjord that continue when you get back on the road. 

You’ll pass by the Grindafjorden and Sørfjorden, where you’ll want to stop for photos. You’ll also drive alongside a few lakes, including Stordalsvatnet and Sandvinvatnet lake.

We don’t recommend taking public transport, although it's an option if you’re creative with coordinating bus and ferry schedules and have time for a long travel day.